Implement SEO strategies that suit your business and bring it closer to performance

How do I find the SEO tool or plugin that I need?

1. Type CTRL - F on this page

2. Add in the search bar the keyword(s) that defines your search

3. Press ENTER 

3. Once you get the result(s) for your search, click on the link to arrive on the tool's page and complete your SEO task

Access metrics on webpages & SERPs: download for free SEO toolbar to see instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP: page authority (PA), domain authority (DA), spam score

Achieve a better ranking on keywords: ideas of topics that the public will appreciate

Add extension for fast on-page SEO analysis: find issues quick that impact on-page SEO to improve website performance

Add structured-data markup: markup helper to make page data clear to search engines and appear as rich snippets on search results pages

Analyze and measure your site’s ranking potential: HTTP headers check, head elements, relevant keywords/keyphrases, the page displayed within SERP, ULSs found in the page, heading

Analyze text readability: readability text analyzer through Flesch Reading Ease, Fog Scale Level, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level to know paragraph level readability

Analyze website pages headlines: Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) system from Advanced Marketing Institute analyses the emotional impact of website text to gain positive results like clicks or shares

Analyze website speed: obtain Lighthouse and CrUX data, page source analysis, Slack and email alerts, snapshots for unlimited webpages

Answer public questions: provides content ideas for your online marketing campaigns

Assess site’s performance: details about page size, page requests, page speed, browser caching, page redirects, compression, render blocking, page titles, meta description, headings, sitemap, SSL certificate & mobile

Build quality links: link-building helper for relevant partnerships

Calculate aspect ratio of an image: keep the same proportions of the image that you want to resize

Calculate pixel length: check the pixel widths of page meta titles & descriptions that you’re writing, upload a CSV file to get pixel lengths

Calculate text uniqueness: enter two texts or their URLs to compare them and see if the content is unique or duplicate

Calculate website readability: readability test to check how readable your content is with the help of reading level algorithms - Gunning Fog, Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch-Kincaid

Check actual local rankings: see rankings from any location, localized search results

Check broken links: detect bad URLs on your site and see where they are located in your HTML code in order to correct or delete them

Check hreflang tags: see if hreflang annotations for a page - HTML and HTTP headers - or in XML Sitemaps are correct

Check out your site’s pages for SEO: meta title & description, heading structure, content analysis, keyword analysis, hyperlinks, images, social

Check site for missing codes: Google Analytics or Google AdWords code checker

Check site redirects: Chrome extension for 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes, Meta and Javascript redirects

Check status codes, response headers, and redirect chains: see what a server returns in response to a URL request by browser or search engine bot

Check your website’s google search ranking position: search engine results page (SERP) checker to see how your site ranks on Google for different 5 keywords

Claim your business profile free: list business information, respond to messages and reviews, build a website, find out how potential customers interact with your company’s profile

Clean up unnatural links: disavow the right links pointing to your site, get penalties removed

Clean Up WordPress Database: delete junk, post revisions, unused, orphaned and duplicated data without the need to use phpMyAdmin

Collaborate and create amazing marketing materials: graphic design for free for your online marketing campaigns

Collect and record SEO data: link metrics, site types, email harvesting, readability score, finds social accounts links, social shares, URLs audit, copyscape, robots and canonical information, Alexa rank, backlink checker

Compress CSS (CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 2.1 & CSS 3): reduce CSS code size and make your website load faster, paste CSS Source Code Input and select Compression Level:

Compress JPEG and PNG images for your website of app: reduce the size of the files of your images to get quality photos without wasting storage or bandwidth

Compress PDF online: reduce PDF file size to rank well on the search engine results page (SERP)

Convert data to a comma-delimited list: for SQL queries, programming or other ideas

Convey contextual information to search engines: Chrome plugin designed to validate and visualize Structured Data Markup

Correct non-working weblinks: scan web pages to identify problematic URLs and their location in HTML

Count meta tags length: optimize a page title and meta description to have the recommended characters and pixels – Google search preview tool to make friendly web page title and meta description

Count URL length: calculate the link length of your site’s page to see if you have an SEO- friendly URL structure: 50-90 characters recommended

Crawl website for SEO: understand what’s going on with your website URLs, crawl status, type, indexability, JavaScript crawling, crawl maps

Create a customized search engine for your site: let people find exactly what they need on your site by adding a search box to your homepage or blog section.

Create a favicon for your website: favicon/icon/small image for Web, Android, Microsoft, and iOS (iPhone and iPad) Apps displayed close to a site's URL in the browser's address bar, near bookmark listings, in a user's list of open tabs or on a smartphone to launch an application

Create search scenario: find valuable keywords and search queries with help from your friends to know what real people search for

Create and optimize meta descriptions: get inspired and write text snippets to have your content optimized for both users and search engines

Create XML sitemap: to help search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) crawl your site and find data about your pages faster

Deploy tags on your site quickly: manage JavaScript and HTML tags to track pages, collect dynamic data, track events on your website(s)

Detect technologies used on competitors’ sites: check what tools other sites are using

Determine key SEO metrics: Chrome extension to run SEO audits of webpages, analyze SERP, check mobile compatibility

Discover insights and real-time data: Google Trends about what matters most to your audience

Discover new SEO topics and keywords: enter a search term to get keywords ideas, their value, share and primary connections - n-grams. This tool uses Data Visualization & Natural Language Processing (NLP)  

Enhance visibility in SERP: schema.org plugin for WordPress content - structured data markup in JSON-LD format - free & premium

Enrich Google Analytics: Google Chrome extension to enhance Google Analytics annotations and add relevant context

Enter a keyword to find top content: content that performs best, content insights, content ideas, identify influencers

Examine sites’ status: for malware, phishing or unsafe content

Explore potential topics: find relevant (long-tail) keywords and create efficient content strategies

Extract web pages and text URLs: extract links from your site or competitors’ site to check DA (domain authority) or PA (page authority) for example

Find broken links: Chrome extension to quickly check that all the links on your page are working ok

Find data about your site: find duplicate content, broken links, compare with other sites, download XML sitemap

Find definitions: write a word for which you want to find a definition, a synonym or words from the same category

Find e-mail addresses: email finding tool to get the mail address behind any site

Find free photos and videos: creative and original stock photos and videos shared by talented people for your digital campaigns

Find keywords/phrases related to your product: Google Ads – Keyword Planner

Find keyword suggestions: long-tail keywords that can be downloaded to a .txt file

Find last cached date: Google cache checker to view the cached page by Google search crawler and get the status, HTTP header checker

Find long-tail phrases and keywords: browser add-on for Chrome or Firefox to see monthly search volume, AdWords CPC and competition, trend data for Google and YouTube

Find out data about the state of the web – URLs analysis, HTTPS requests, pages with vulnerable JS, TCP Connections Per Page, HTTP/2 Requests, HTTP/3 Support, font display, Total Kilobytes, Total Requests

Find out if your server supports persistent connection: validation tool for technical SEO, discover why is persistent connection important for SEO and how to enable persistent connection

Find out SEO issues: SEO Analyzer tool checks Googlebot access, mobile devices, security, accessibility, page speed, robots.txt guideline, image alt text, sitemaps, paid links, valid HTML, amount of links, findable links, HTTPS headers

Find relational connections between words: online graphical dictionary to see words meanings and associations with other words and concepts, visual dictionary, visual thesaurus, interactive lexicon

Find synonyms and related words: enter a word, phrase, description, or pattern in the search box to see definition, synonyms, related words, multiple meanings, related concepts, idea map

Find whose domain or IP address is: domain profile, whois record, domain IP address

Gather SEO data from URL: HTTP/HTTPS headers, server responses, status codes. Useful for SEO Audit or SEO Analysis

Generate buyer persona: build buyer persona profiles for digital marketing campaigns

Generate hreflang tags for your multi-language or multi-country site: use your hreflang tags patterns in the different language and country versions of your pages

Generate long-tail keywords: keyword generator tool for your SEO campaign strategy

Generate robots.txt file: allow all parts of your domain / disallow parts of your domain to be crawled by robots, or customize your robots.txt file, include a link to the XML-sitemap

Generate schema markup: build structured data markup in the form of JSON-LD to improve visibility to the search engines – inject it into the head or footer of your site

Get backlink data: backlinks checker tool, shows link influence score, active backlinks, links to the home page, nofollow links, anchor text and link destination, 1,000 links can be downloaded in .csv format

Get free link data of any site: free Link Explorer from MOZ to check the Domain Authority (DA) and backlink authority of any site, a tool for link-building opportunities

Get insights about page speed on desktop and mobile: use suggestions provided to optimize your site and make it faster

Get important SEO data: SEO authority, technical SEO, SEO content, social media

Get keyword data for copywriting : SERP analyzer, analyze competitors’ keywords and build original keyword strategy for your digital marketing campaign

Get the cached page of any URL: reach the original page if the website is down or if the web page has been removed by the site owner, page is stored by a web server as a backup copy

Grow your Google reviews free: if you are on Google My Business, you can generate your unique Google Review link

Identify broken links: Chrome extension to find links that don’t work on web pages from your industry for broken link-building opportunities

Identify keywords: SERP’s keyword research tool for keyword suggestions with volume estimates, CPC and value

Improve coding skills for SEO: HTML5, responsive web design, CSS, visual design lessons

Improve text quality and writing style: make text easy to read and engaging by fixing weak parts, optimize text through writing metrics

Increase site’s performance: see data about your site’s – total web search clicks – total impressions – average CTR – average position – queries – pages – devices, URL inspection, sitemaps, mobile usability, top linked pages

Increase social shares, followers, e-mail subscribers: WordPress plugin to grow targeted traffic and qualified leads to your site

Invent a name for your domain: find a domain name suggestion for your business 

Investigate site performance: see how your site performs in real browsers, devices, locations around the world (core web vitals, lighthouse, visual comparison, traceroute)

Keyword research: a tool for market research, competitors, PPC & SEO

Know domain age for SEO ranking: see the date when the domain was first created and the date when it was last updated - add the link in the text field then click on "Check Domain Age"

Know headline quality score: algorithm that detects engagement score and impression score to write better headlines and capture attention, increase engagement and deliver a stronger impression

Look for advanced SEO tools: robots.txt tester, sitemap generator, fetch & render, pre-rendering tester, mobile-friendly test, hreflang tags tester, locale-adaptive tester, schema generator, SERP simulator, local search tool

Make a fast check to find your site’s Google search ranking position: check how your site or your competitors’ sites rank on Google for different keywords – free tool to see Search Engine Ranking Position, see how your site is doing in different regions – ideal for local SEO

Make pages load quickly: optimize images through image compression technology to speed up website

Make SEO improvements: technical SEO platform, technical SEO analytics and insights, automated SEO testing suite designed for enterprises

Measure readability of text: proofreading software to improve writing, identifies problem areas in your text

Measure site’s speed: get a report that displays your page speed score, the loading behavior of your page, identify page loading issues, find out the average fully loaded time, total page size

Minify CSS file: add your website's CSS file to reduce CSS code size and facilitate faster site loading

Monitor keywords data: check how your keywords and those of your competitors rank in the search engines, their search volume, average position, visibility, estimated visits – manual validation by human testers for accurate data, automatic data corroboration between this tool and Google Search Console

Monitor site’s SEO: meta elements, SERP preview, keywords cloud, headings, robots.txt, sitemap, broken links, friendly URLs, image Alt, Inline CSS, deprecated HTML tags, Google Analytics, favicon, backlinks, JS Error, social media, speed optimization, server & security, mobile usability, advanced SEO (microdata schema, noindex tag, canonical tag, nofollow tag, disallow directives, SPF records)

Obtain long-tail keywords: for your content marketing campaign

Optimize and compress online images: reduce the size of your images/photos and maintain a high-quality file after compression, image optimization

Optimize web page speed for different locations: know at what time the DOM content loads, find out the slowest local resources, the slowest external resources, page optimization score,

Optimize site for sharing via social media: check how your site appears when shared via social media buttons

Optimize title tags and meta description: SEO optimization tool to optimize title tags and meta description, measure title and description length

Optimize website performance: website speed test and website analysis, front-end performance monitoring

Optimize YouTube: browser extension & mobile app - keyword explorer for advanced keyword research - get search volume, competition, optimization strengths, other related keywords

Perform a search as if you were in another country: find out what sites appear in search results for that specific country/language/device to improve SEO & SEA campaigns

Receive recommendations to improve mobile speed: test URL to get a free report about loading time, visitor loss, industry comparison and fixes to reduce loading time

Reduce images size on your site: WordPress plugin to resize, optimize and compress your images, speed up your page and preserve image quality, image optimization

Remove outdated content: use this tool found in Google Search Console if you have a page that no longer exists or the result in Search results is different from the current page

Resolve your on-page SEO tasks: Chrome extension – check redirects, check broken links, SERP preview tool, hreflang checker

Run SEO audit: improve on-page SEO – audit redirects, discover duplicate content, extract data with XPath, review robots and directives, visualize site architecture, crawl JavaScript websites, generate XML sitemaps

Run test for mobile: mobile-friendly test to see if a site is easy to use on a mobile device

Scan your site for SEO results: free SEO auditor tool for organic keywords, DA/PA, meta tags, crawl stats, source code, social, URL stats

Search for copies of your page on the web: verify your new content and check it for plagiarism

Search for different types of words: resolve your writing and creative needs with word tools: synonyms, similar words, antonyms, rhyming words, example sentences, translations, definitions, word forms

Search quickly for new keywords: enter a keyword to find synonyms, related words, concept descriptions, definitions from a wide variety of cultures, styles, and languages - dictionary search

See what questions appear in SERP: add a search term to get fast insights about "People Also Asked" data found in Google search results 

See who’s mentioning the biggest sites online: free data about link mention, link text & URL of business & marketing leaders

See how title and description look in Google’s SERPs: SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Simulate SERP: SERP (search engine results page) snippet generator, fetch meta description and title from an existing URL or create new ones, check the current pixel length limit for title, meta description and URL

Shrink JPEG and PNG images to minimum size: online image optimizer to compress images and keep their required level of quality

Solve SEO tasks by combining different internet marketing tools: on-page optimization, image & link analyzer, site crawl, SEO comparison, header checker, meta tag generator, keyword density analysis, image & link analyzer, internal link building WordPress plugin, domain Whois lookup, DNS lookup, what’s my IP, spell check, what’s my browser size?, what’s my screen resolution?

Speed up heavy web pages: choose the simulated device (phone, tablet, desktop) to audit page speed, detect problems on HTML, CSS, JS, images, fonts and get information to fix the detected performance issues

Speed up your website: get a detailed listing of page size, composition, and download time to understand your website’s loading time

Take care of your WordPress SEO: title and meta description, image alt attributes for your pages/posts, text length, cornerstone content, internal linking, outbound links, focus keyphrase, readability analysis, transition words, subheading distribution, paragraph length

Test design: check site layout and design across desktop, tablet and mobile to build high-quality digital experiences

Test and validate robots.txt file: see if a link/URL is blocked, which statement is blocking it and for which user agent, know what resources for the page (CSS, JavaScript, images) are disallowed

Test image before optimization: image analysis tool to understand the problems related to images on your pages - page image score, image weight comparison, potential compressed weight

Test site for mobile-first indexing: mobile page speed, links, structured data, user content, meta-data/meta tags, mobile 404 pages

Test page load time: detailed website speed test – grades & suggestions to improve page performance, response codes, content size by content type, requests by content type, requests by domain, you can download the results

Test social media crawler: when you share your site’s content on Facebook, Messenger and other places you can see the information that is used and take control over how your site content appears to others to see the information that is used when your website content is shared on Facebook, Messenger and other places

Test your site for mobile-friendliness: analyze your web page and see if it is mobile-friendly or not on Bing, viewport configuration, zoom control, page content

Test website for SEO: a free tool for testing websites, scoring reports – accessibility, SEO, social media & technology

Tool for developers: test your site and measure performance, accessibility, best practices & SEO – guidance on how to improve audit

Track work hours across SEO projects: time tracking and timesheet software that lets your SEO team track work and billable hours

Turn your data into precious reports: create multi-page reports about your website activity, edit and share them with users

Type in root keyword to get semantic terms: improve your rankings with semantic keywords, include them in your content

Uncover the technologies a site is using: detect content management systems, e-commerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools

Understand how search engines see your pages: see how the browser renders a page, not just what the server sends, for JavaScript frameworks like Angular, ReactJS and Vue.js

Undertake keyword research for Reddit: auto-generated list of keywords and their context on Reddit

Upload files for compression: convert JPEG, PNG, GIF or PDF to your preferred format and download each file individually or grouped in a ZIP archive

Validate your code: structured data has to be understood by search engines when they crawl your page

Verify how webpage appears in Google search results: before you publish an article, see how optimized your webpage is for SERPs (search engine results pages)

Verify site for errors: free website security scanner for out-of-date software, known malware, blacklisting status – checks PHP and CMS version

Verify SSL Certificate installation: enter server address to check your website for common vulnerabilities about your TLS certificate, DNS, Heartbleed Bug, Protocol Support, Debian keys

Verify writing, grammar, punctuation: check the text for repetitive words, weak adjectives, grammatical mistakes, improve writing

View how sites use to look: explore webpages saved over time

View your webpages like search engines: highlights parts of your pages that are relevant for SEO: server response code, number of words on the page, headings, number of internal and external links on the page, title tag, meta description, SERP preview

Want to know the word count of a webpage: place the URL of the webpage into the tool then click on the COUNT WORDS button to find out how many words are on that page

Win the game of SEO: analyze competitors’ keywords and build an original keyword strategy for your digital marketing campaign